The Hunt

Comments from Betty Gilpin , Hilary Swank, Justin Hartley, Damon Lindelof, and Jason Blum.

Betty Gilpen: “I’ve played characters who are kind of supportive wife for supportive girlfriend while the man gets to go the the crazy monster whose unleashed and You know has oceans inside him and like you can’t get in there you don’t know what’s going on in there and just sort of being like, “Hey Okay I’ll make you some tea.” I think you know so many women are like that wait but I feel that other thing is that I feel like I could throw a chair through a window to or I feel like a hundred different people during a day as well. Strangely this character came to me much easier than a housewife with laundry basket and supportive smile, so far so good with a strong woman character.” 



Byte A Quiet Place 2

Comments from Emily Blunt and John Krasinski on the sequel to the first hit film.

Emily Blunt: “I know we didn’t anticipate the sort of meteoroid life the first one took and we didn’t think it was in the cards. I mean you don’t know what people will make of a film that’s effectively silent and it’s like an art house film but found this sort of meteoric life and it’s thrilling and that has so much room for expansion and it seemed like a natural progression to see the next chapter. “

John Krasinski : It was cool was was so unbelievably emotional and beautiful and It’s not only the success of which is great. I think it’s the fact that people connected to what we connected to.  I did this movie as a metaphor for parenthood and the fact that people picked up on all that stuff the fact that people loved all the detail of the first one and all the elements of survival and this idea of family was was just really overwhelming. Where we all taken back? I mean I did not expect it to do as well as it did. But the story was compelling now. She’s a single mom with a full plate. A really is a really harrowing experience for the kids but ultimately I think it’s a very powerful message that we see generational what happens within this family. Is that the kids forge ahead as the kids have to grow up. 



Byte Christopher Meloni

Actor talks about his role in Happy and his fellow castmates.

” My career has been great for me which it is. I’ve been able to do comedy and drama but not a lot of opportunities to Kind of a mix. both together. I have SVU, Oz and then you know what  American summer came along and duringhiatus so great to be that crazy. And then you know Harold and Kumar came along. That was fun but I appreciated this opportunity in Happy to play drama to certain extent Warner Bros  type cartoons to  certain extent and comedy.”

The Shipment

Part of my sit down at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019 with Aleks Paunovic and his director Bobby Bala

Bobby Bala : “My first goal is for my first film that I just basically wanted to make a film with my daughter. That was really the only thing that I had in my mind so I didn’t have a story or script or anything like that. I just thought that’d be kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity and so she was nine or ten when I started writing the script. So there’s a small window of time wouldn’t otherwise you’d be too old so we started shooting the film. “

Aleks Paunovic: “It was interesting because when we worked on it and we approached each other and then working with his daughter and just kind of getting the relationship.His integrity is questioned he’s conflicted. That is trying to do the right thing through difficult circumstances and I love the idea of where this character would find these little moments even though he’s throughout all is mission is to always do the right thing any fall short quite a bit so I love that that structure. I get a lot of roles because of my stature and so a lot of times when I can see the depth of character and I know I give it more.  I investigated and do do some little critical thinking in finding my own deficits and my own deficiencies and and kind of putting that into the character.”

Sam Littlefield Of Batwoman

I chat with this talented actor, producer and writer about his role as Mouse on Batwoman

“Alice played by Rachel Skarsten and Mouse have a relationship of their own. He’s a member of the wonderland gang and he’s just kind of a very dynamic character that kind of uveiled over the course of the season.He actually has kind of a complex characterization. It sounds like absolutely it’s been such a ride sort of breaking down be kind of construct of who mouse. Putting together this character, his origin and working with even just the hair and makeup has been a gift. The wardrobe team along with the writers to kind of crack the code of who mouse is have been such a awesome experience And he’s a very very very fun fun character and talk about working was Rachel. She really had had my back the entire time. Kind of she’s been sort of a shoulder to kinda lean on and being her be so bold and competent with her choices has sort of  helped me kind of make my own. Well we’re such a team through this. It’s exciting and kind of we kind of challenge each other and give each other.” 

Kirsten Vangsness

The actor talks about co-creating Penelope Garcia from the ground up for Criminal Minds.

I was lucky enough to get brought back for the second episode because I tested well. People said. Oh we like when that girl talks so they brought me in for the second episode thinking. We’ll just bring her in and then we’ll bring somebody famous or better to play the part and I was lucky enough to have chemistry with Shemar which both of us were sort of like. “What’s this is cool”. And they started to copy how I dressed at the time to sort of inform her and I put my grandmother’s candy dish on Penelope’s desk. I started to say. “Could she say this instead of this we do this instead of this” and I would always learn it the way that the writer wrote it but then I would say could I you know so she was built from the ground up and because Criminal Minds is such a great collaborative place to work with so much respect for everybody”